2 – 7 years

Toddlers & Big Kids

They’re bigger, they’re smarter, they can TALK BACK. Whether it’s an ongoing issue or a new problem, toddler sleep issues can feel especially intimidating.

Right now, my three-year-old is napping in his toddler bed without any fuss at all. He actually enjoys our bedtime routine and sleeps all night in his bed without protest. What’s more is the structure and support of her consulting has helped me (and him) in the rest of my parenting and perspective. I’m so grateful. Years ago, I spent hundreds of dollars on a different sleep coaching program only to find it unprofessional and ineffective. Brittany Sheehan Sleep is the opposite. So happy I took the leap. It’s one hundred percent worth it.

Becca, Colorado Springs, CO

No Tricks. No Treats.

My toddler approach is straightforward – we focus on intrinsic satisfaction. I will never recommend monster spray, sticker charts, or bedtimes passes. Those are quick fixes and they don’t work.

Your toddler is smarter than that.

We aren’t trying to manipulate them into staying in bed. We aren’t begging and bribing them to comply. We focus on WHY your child is struggling to go to sleep or stay in bed. What do we need to change in your day-to-day routine? How are you communicating with your child about sleep?

By the end of our time together, he or she will be happily skipping to bed each night.

The Kind Of Stuff We Tackle

Bedtime Battles

Late Night Parties

Early Risers

Nap Strikes

Crib to Bed Transitions

Behavior Challenges

Find Your Perfect Plan

Looking for toddler support beyond just sleep?

You asked, we listened. Holistic services for little people are here!

Have more than one child on the sleep struggle bus?

We can tackle sleep for two, three, even four siblings, all together!

Looking for a plan you can start TODAY?

I offer online courses for families who are ready to tackle sleep on their own.

When we came to Brittany, we thought we had tried it all and we would just have to get through this stage of parenting with no sleep. We had worked with a sleep consultant in the past and it was not a positive experience, so, honestly, we were skeptical.

Within a week, our bedtime routine started to take no more than 30 minutes, no more waking in the middle of the night, and sleeping past 6:30am! Now he says, “night night” when we leave the room with no crying, no begging for us to stay, and he goes right to sleep! I hate to say I’m shocked, but every night I still cannot believe what she did for us worked!

Elizabeth, Philadelphia, PA

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