Sleep Services

Whether it’s a big problem (newborn up 10 times a night?), a small problem (toddler on a weekend nap strike?) or you’re anticipating a problem (baby just jumped out of the crib for the first time?), there is a package for you!

What sets Brittany apart from another popular baby sleep service we were considering, is her personal attention to detail. Brittany was there every step of the way. Her daily check-ins, guidance, and offers of support were invaluable to us. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all sleep guidance plan. Brittany took into consideration our unique sleeping arrangement, family dynamics, and life events. Our boy went from nursing every 2 hours to sleeping 11+ hours through the night. This is LIFE CHANGING.

Laci, New York, NY

Every Piece Of The Puzzle Matters

My sleep philosophy is straightforward. I look at the whole child and the whole family. It’s not just about what methods we use to help your child sleep. It’s also about their temperament, and your parenting philosophies. It’s about what’s happening while they’re awake, when and how often they are eating, and who is managing their day-to-day care. It’s about the specific nuances of your child and your family.

But, my process is so much more than just a sleep plan. The individual support is equally important. I can give you a perfectly tailored plan for your child, but having me alongside you the whole way to troubleshoot, ask questions, and encourage you when you want to give up?

That’s the difference maker.

The Kind Of Stuff We Tackle

Short Naps

Bedtime Battles

Night Weaning

Night Wakings

Establishing A Schedule

Feeding & Behavior Challenges

Newborns (0-9 weeks)

My Newborn Sleep & Feed Foundation is the roadmap to get your baby on the right track from day one.

Beyond that, the support calls give you the opportunity to troubleshoot your infant’s unique issues and talk to an expert (me!) who has seen it all and been through it all.

Babies (10 weeks - 23 months)

The snuggle is real….but so are the struggles.

Sometimes the hardest part about sleep guidance is wondering if you’re doing the “right” thing. You try something, you second guess yourself, you backtrack, you try something else……so stop!

That’s my job now.

Toddlers & Big Kids (2-7 years)

My toddler approach is straightforward – we focus on intrinsic satisfaction. I will never recommend monster spray, sticker charts, or bedtimes passes. Those are quick fixes and they don’t work.

Your toddler is smarter than that.

By the end of our time together, he or she will be happily skipping to bed each night.

Siblings & Multiples

One kid who isn’t sleeping great is hard enough, but two, three or four kids not sleeping well? No one needs sleep more than THAT Mom or Dad. My unique sleep strategies translate seamlessly into plans for multiple children!

Before we were introduced to Brittany, our two-year-old toddler slept exclusively in Mom and Dad’s bed and would often take one to two hours to fall asleep at night. Our evenings were filled with anxiety and frustration. We had tried other training methods but nothing had worked. We had essentially accepted that we would continue this way until he was old enough to feel comfortable sleeping in his own bed. Within three nights, our son was sleeping independently and soundly in his own toddler bed, and falling asleep on his own. No more bedtime drama and more time for Mom and Dad to rest and recharge. Brittany gave us the tools and knowledge to feel confident enough to carry out a special plan tailored specifically to him. Her plan was simple and easy to follow. She was professional, patient, kind and always ready with a good joke to encourage us along the way.

Ashley, Redondo Beach, CA

Not sure which plan is best for your family?