2-7 Years

Toddler parents – it’s time to take back the reins.

The Toddler & Big Kid Sleep Roadmap is Brittany’s battle-tested blueprint to get your 2-7 year old sleeping without a fight, while giving you the tools and confidence to tackle future sleep roadblocks.

After years of drawn out bedtime routines, involuntary co-sleeping, and early wake ups, the problem was feeling insurmountable. Brittany’s program provided the plan we needed to make a permanent change – the right way.

Now, our son’s bedtime routine has gone from over an hour to just 15 minutes and he’s no longer visiting us in the middle of the night or sleeping in our bed. Our new normal is a happier, healthier life for everyone in the house. We’re still pinching ourselves to make sure this is real!

David, Ardsley, NY

Toddler life can be tough, but their sleep doesn’t have to be.

Bedtime should be the sweetest part of your night, but it’s the most stressful. Naptime should be when you have a minute to yourself, but instead it’s a battleground. Each new change (Potty training! Travel! Room Sharing!) brings more anxiety and confusion. If this sounds like you, we’re going to change it – today.

Course Offerings

Want To Give The Gift Of Sleep?

What You Get

Drama-Free Bedtime

Sleeping Through The Night

Consistent Naps & Quiet Time

Tools To Communicate Effectively With Your Child

A Guide For Managing Major Transitions, like Potty Training, Room Sharing, Crib To Bed, and Nap To Quiet Time

A Roadmap For Every Possible “What If” Scenario

The Toddler & Big Kid Sleep Roadmap Is Right For You If…

Bedtime is a stressful and never-ending battle of wills.

You’ve heard every stall tactic in the books and are at a loss for how to end them.

Your child’s exhaustion (and your own) is seeping into other parts of your life -

cranky afternoons, barely-touched dinner, and lots…and lots…of meltdowns.

You've tried all the suggestions (Drop the nap! Get a nightlight! Move to a bed! Use a sticker chart!) and you are DONE.

You just need ONE plan to follow and see it through.

You know that making changes to your child’s routine is going to be hard,

but you’re committed to putting in that hard work as long as you have a program you trust to see success.

My husband and I have slept more in the last two weeks with Brittany’s plan than we have in any other two week span since our oldest was born almost three years ago!

As a working mom of two, my time with my girls is so precious and getting better sleep means better quality family time. Good moods, less tantrums and so much less stress about what to do in the middle of a hard night. We now have a road map to keep it up.

Elizabeth, Milwaukee, WI

Common Course Questions


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What age is this course for?
The Toddler & Big Kid Sleep Roadmap is intended for toddler and kids between 2-7 years old. Your child can start the course as young as 18 months, as long as they have already transitioned to one nap. Any younger, and I suggest you head over to The Baby Sleep & Schedule Course.
Yes! This course is right for you if…..
Your have twins or multiples.
You have more than one child between ages 2-7 who has sleep issues.
Your child is still in a crib or has moved to a bed.
Your child is (or is not) potty trained.
Your child attends daycare or preschool.
Your child struggles in just one area, such as nap strikes, bedtime battles, or early wakes.
Your child is very strong willed.
Your child sleeps ok, but you just want a roadmap for what to do in the future (when to drop the nap, when to move to a big kid bed, how to set up a good bedtime routine, etc).
Will there be crying?
Listening to your child cry is really hard, I’ve been there! That being said, there is no such thing as sleep guidance without crying. Anyone who tells you differently is being disingenuous. Some tears are inevitable, but also manageable. It is critical for your success in this course that you are prepared for crying and protest (possibly more than you’re used to right now, especially if you have a strong willed child) and that you trust the process. If you trust the process (and me!) you will be VERY happy when you come out the other side. More importantly, your child will be happy. That is the most common feedback I hear from parents is that their kids are HAPPIER than they were before – they are less cranky, they’re eating better, and they’re overall healthier kids.
Will my child be damaged or traumatized?
Absolutely not. There is ZERO evidence-based research that crying in association with a plan such as this causes any long or short term harm to children. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Research shows that children who have learned the critical skill of independent sleep are healthier than those who do not, and there is absolutely no impact on their secure attachment with their parents.
Can my child be sleeping in a room a parent or a sibling?
For the 14 days that you are working through this plan, I ask that your child sleeps in a different room than anyone else. It is exponentially better to be in a separate place for this amount of time. After that, if you choose to go back to room sharing, that is absolutely fine. I do ask that you refrain from bed-sharing, as this is not conducive with independent sleep, the very skill we will be teaching your child!
What if it doesn’t work?
If followed fully and correctly, you should see significant improvement in your child’s sleep within the 14 days of this plan. If you do not, the plan is likely not being followed correctly or there is an underlying medical condition that is not being addressed. We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee for eligible clients. Eligibility requirements can be found in our terms and conditions on the purchase page.

We had tried many different approaches for our 2 year old, who was resisting naps and consistently waking up before 6 AM.

Within the first three days of this plan, our son was napping in his own big boy bed daily and sleeping past 6:30 AM every day. The almost instantaneous change has been amazing to watch and, besides us all getting more sleep, our son is happier and more content. Even better, we now have the tools and approaches that we can apply to other areas of life with a toddler – which is incredible.

Jennifer, Beverly Hills, CA

Looking for toddler support beyond just sleep?

You asked, we listened. Holistic services for little people are here!

Looking for something a little more personalized?

I offer one on one support plans for families who need more of a hand to hold through this process.