Siblings + Multiples

Why Have Someone Sleep When Everyone Could Sleep?

One kid who isn’t sleeping great is hard enough, but two, three or four kids not sleeping well? No one needs sleep more than THAT Mom or Dad. My unique sleep strategies translate seamlessly into plans for multiple children, whether it’s siblings at different ages, or multiples going through it together!

When Brittany and I first connected I was an absolute wreck. I was exhausted, my kids were exhausted and I hadn’t had a night “off” in ages. Having already been through one failed attempt at sleep training, I was skeptical, but from our first conversation I could tell it was going to be different. Brittany LISTENED! It wasn’t just a templated playbook she handed over. She took each kid, our family dynamics and our comfort level into account and crafted a plan that was tailored for us, and most importantly it was manageable.

Our girls are now getting the rest they need and the results are incredible: they are happier during the day, their appetites have increased and they are proud of themselves! The truth is, Brittany gave us more than two kids sleeping through the night. She helped us find a new time to bond with our kids each night for 20 minutes, completely eliminated bedtime anxiety and she created the opportunity for my husband and I to reconnect and enjoy a glass of wine without interruption! Working with Brittany was one of the best investments we’ve made towards improving the health of our children and the overall happiness of our family.

Natalie, Coral Gables, FL

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Individual Sleep Challenges for Each Child

Room Sharing

Ideal Sibling Schedules

Staggered Bedtimes

Sibling Rivalry & New Baby Jitters

Sleep Strategies for Twins & Triplets

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(*pricing is based on two children, there is a $150 fee for each additional child)

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I could go on and on about how much we appreciate Brittany, but I tried to cut to the chase here. I spent three months living in a state of pure exhaustion before I met her.

My husband and I were spending more than 8 hours of our day helping our kids (newborn and 2.5 year old) sleep.

I was unhappy (to say the least) and dreaded the unending struggle at naps and bedtime.

With Brittany’s guidance and sanity saving humor, we now have two happy, independent sleepers! She helped us bring peace and order to our home … I truly can not sing her praises enough. She is simply the BEST!

Crystal, Gardena, CA

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