10 weeks – 18 months

Tired parents – a silent night is within reach.

The Baby Sleep & Schedule Course is Brittany’s proven 14-day playbook to get your 10 week to 18 month old sleeping through the night and on a great daytime schedule, distilled into one digestible online course that you can start TODAY.

I waited to sleep train my first at 16 weeks because I thought I couldn’t do it sooner. To have a 10 week old that is sleeping 12 hours at night while managing a toddler is life saving. I loved the course and love that I can call if I need to for extra support. Also really appreciated the “what if” section because I had all the what if’s thoughts.

Sabrina, Sherman Oaks, CA

You don’t have to wait one more minute to start sleeping well.

You can start making this your reality TODAY. You don’t have to get on my waitlist, you don’t need to Amazon Prime eleven books to your house, you don’t have to wait until next week’s Mommy & Me session on “sleep challenges”, and please….please do not spend another night googling “why is my baby still awake” at 3 AM.

Course Offerings

Want To Give The Gift Of Sleep?

What You Get

Sleeping Through The Night

No More Night Feeds

Stronger Naps

A Predictable Daytime Schedule

A Safe Sleep Environment

A Great Nap & Bedtime Routine

A Roadmap For Handling Future Challenges, like Travel, Growth Spurts, Sickness, and Teething

The Baby Sleep & Schedule Course Is Right For You If…

You crave some sort of predictability in your days.

You want to know when you’ll be able to shower, eat, or work while your baby sleeps.

Bedtime gives you anxiety.

You often eat a cold dinner, miss your favorite show, or sit bleary eyed staring at the baby monitor wondering when this kid is going to wake up next.

You just need ONE plan to follow.

You’re done asking all your friends, posting in all the mommy groups, and second guessing every decision you make around your baby’s sleep.

You know that sleep training is going to be hard.

But you’re committed to putting in that hard work as long as you have a program you trust to see success.

The freedom I feel, knowing my son is on a schedule and will go right to sleep (for anyone!) is tremendous. Brittany’s plan allowed me to let go of that complicated wake window and feeding math that so many new moms will recognize. I’m so, so, so thrilled with how far my son came in just weeks. He is literally a different baby. But, more than that, I feel like a different mom!

Isabel, Portsmouth, NH

Common Course Questions


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Yes! This course is right for you if…..
Your baby is between 10 weeks and 18 months old.
Your baby weighs at least 11 lbs, is healthy, and is growing.
You have twins or multiples.
You have more than one child between ages 10 weeks-18 months who needs help with sleep.
Your baby attends daycare.
Your baby struggles in just one area, such as short naps, dream feeds, or early wakes.
Your baby is very strong willed.
Your baby has colic, reflux, or milk protein allergies.
You are nursing, bottle feeding, or a combination of the two.
Your baby sleeps ok, but you just want a roadmap for what to do in the future (what schedule you should be on, when to drop naps, how to set up a good bedtime routine, etc).
Will there be crying?
Listening to your child cry is really hard, I’ve been there! That being said, there is no such thing as sleep guidance without crying. Anyone who tells you differently is being disingenuous. Babies cry for many reasons. It’s their only means of communication, and their only way to protest change. Some tears are inevitable, but also manageable. It is critical for your success in this course that you are prepared for some crying (possibly more than you’re used to right now) and that you trust the process. If you trust the process (and me!) you will be VERY happy when you come out the other side. More importantly, your baby will be happy. That is the most common feedback I hear from parents is that their babies are HAPPIER than they were before – they are less fussy, they’re eating more, and they’re overall healthier kids.
Will my child be damaged or traumatized?
Absolutely not. There is ZERO evidence-based research that crying in association with a plan such as this causes any long or short term harm to children. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Research shows that children who have learned the critical skill of independent sleep are healthier than those who do not, and there is absolutely no impact on their secure attachment with their parents.
What if my baby is feeding overnight?
This plan includes night weaning. Please make sure you are on board with dropping night feeds, as it will be important to your success in the plan. This is why it’s important your baby is at least 10 weeks, 11 lbs, healthy, and growing. The weaning plan is gradual and takes great care to make sure your baby is getting the calories they need during the day.
What if my baby is still sleeping in my room?
For the 14 days that you are working through this plan, I ask that you sleep in a different room than your baby. It is exponentially better to be in a separate place for this amount of time. After that, if you choose to go back to room sharing, that is absolutely fine. Please note that bed sharing is strongly discouraged and not condoned by the AAP or used any of the methods in our practice.
What if it doesn’t work?
If followed fully and correctly, you should see significant improvement in your baby’s sleep within the 14 days of this plan. If you do not, the plan is likely not being followed correctly or there is an underlying medical condition that is not being addressed. We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee for eligible clients. Eligibility requirements can be found in our terms and conditions on the purchase page.

My husband and I often reflect on the experience we had with Brittany and think about how absolutely necessary it was to make us better parents and to help make our daughter a happier baby. As a first time (very emotional) mom I needed to learn that it’s ok to let her figure things out for herself. My instinct was always to make sure she never whimpered for even a second, but this experience made me realize that we’re doing her no favors by always stepping in. This was truly a life changing experience for us and we cannot thank Brittany enough.

Jordan, Greenwich, CT

Looking for something a little more personalized?

I offer one on one support plans for families who need more of a hand to hold through this process.