10 weeks – 23 months


The snuggle is real….but so are the struggles.

Screaming the minute their head touches the crib? Yup.

Never napping for more than 30 minutes? Yup.

Can’t seem to drop that last night feed? Yup.

At the risk of sounding cliché…working with Brittany was truly life changing. Not only did we get our son on a successful custom sleep schedule within 48 hours of training—after spending the first 12 weeks of his life being rocked to sleep and sleeping on mom and dad— he learned to instantly self soothe and my husband and I got precious time back for ourselves.

As a first time mom who was absolutely in the dark on baby sleep schedules, Brittany’s rapid responsiveness, encouraging support, and gentle manner made the entire process smooth and reassuring. My only regret is not working with her sooner!

Annie, New Canaan, CT

It’s Time To Start ENJOYING The Baby Phase.

Yeah that’s right, I said ENJOY the baby phase!

Sometimes the hardest part about sleep guidance is wondering if you’re doing the “right” thing. You try something, you second guess yourself, you backtrack, you try something else……

so stop!

That’s my job now.

And soon, you’ll have a baby who sleeps through the night, takes naps (that are longer than 45 minutes….and not on a human or in a stroller), and best of all, a custom schedule based around your family’s lifestyle, so you can actually plan your days. BLISS.

The Kind Of Stuff We Tackle

Short Naps

Night Weaning

Bassinet/SNOO to Crib Transitions

Reflux & Feeding Challenges

Establishing a Schedule

Early Morning Wake Ups

Find Your Perfect Plan

Have more than one child on the sleep struggle bus?

We can tackle sleep for two, three, even four siblings, all together!

Looking for a plan you can start TODAY?

I offer online courses for families who are ready to tackle sleep on their own.

I came to Brittany as a second time mom who had already read a boatload on how to help your baby learn to sleep independently.

Despite my best efforts our babe would wail the second you put him in the crib, bassinet – anything that wasn’t a comfy person. Brittany is not only amazing at figuring out just what your child needs to develop good sleep habits but she’s also a parent whisperer, sanity maintainer and cheerleader!

She helped us come up with a strategy and supported us when it got tough. Brittany truly cares and is invested in helping your family. Plus she’s hilarious and always supportive when you send that desperate 2AM text or email.

Melissa, Brooklyn, NY

Not sure which plan is best for your family?