0-9 Weeks


“Where Do I Even Begin?”

Life with a newborn can be so. over. whelming.

Like…how tight is the swaddle even supposed to be?

Do I need to give them a bath every night?

Can I let them cry for one minute? 10 minutes?


As second time parents, we thought getting our newborn on a schedule and consistently sleeping would be relatively easy. We had no idea the surprise we were in for when our son battled reflux and would only sleep when being held and bounced in a dark room with a sound machine (for every single nap).

This then fed into poor night sleep, with most nights consisting of only two or three hour stretches and multiple feedings. When we reached out to Brittany we were deep in the trenches of sleep deprivation.

Within the first three nights of our sleep plan with Brittany, our son slept through the night with ZERO night feeds. We were amazed. Brittany was incredibly supportive, responsive and talked us off the ledge multiple times as we navigated a silent protester during naps.

We are truly grateful for everything Brittany was able to do for our family. We now enjoy family time together and feel like we got our life back as parents!

Lindsay, Laurel, MD

Let’s Solve The Problems Before They Even Begin

They say that newborns don’t come with a manual, but in this case….they kinda do!

My Survive & Thrive Newborn Guide is the roadmap to get your baby on the right track from day one.

Beyond that, the support calls give you the opportunity to troubleshoot your infant’s unique issues and talk to an expert (me!) who has seen it all and been through it all.

The Kind Of Stuff You’ll Learn

Newborn Sleep Myths Debunked

How to Soothe a Fussy Baby

Extending Nighttime Sleep

Establishing Your Sleep Foundation

Sample Schedules for Every Stage of Newborn Life

Swaddles, SNOOs and other Hot Topics

Find Your Perfect Plan

The best thing about Brittany was her tailored approach and her ability to work within parameters I was comfortable with. It definitely was NOT a cookie cutter program!

Our main issue with our newborn was getting him back to sleep after late night feeds. He’d wake for hours at a time which left me totally wiped the next day.

After speaking with Brittany, and outlining our goals and scheduling that would work best for our family, we identified issues and were able to implement a suitable routine for Connor.

Within days he was pretty much sleeping 12 hours straight with one late night feed. She was super accessible and friendly, and I know if we hit road blocks in the future with regressions etc she will be my first port of call!”

Claire, Manhattan Beach, CA

Not sure which plan is best for your family?