For All The Moms Whose Hairs Are Fallin’ Out

It’s pretty freaky, right? One day you have a luscious set of locks, the next you’re almost as bald as your baby. What gives? While there may be nothing we can do (that I’m sure works) to prevent this sometimes inevitable hair loss, here are a few products you might consider trying to volumize, thicken, or otherwise give the illusion of a full mane until that hair grows back (which is will!).

Products For In The Shower

Living Proof Full Shampoo & Living Proof Full Conditioner – I have mixed feelings in general about volumizing wash & care products – a lot of them simply don’t work. Living Proof is an exception. The science-backed brand actually has a patented “moisture controlling molecular shield” to their name, and their FULL line genuinely makes thin, limp hair feel thicker and fuller.

Klorane Shampoo with Essential Olive Extract & Klorane Conditioner with Essential Olive Extract – Part of Klorane’s Anti-Aging hair regimine, these products serves a slightly different purpose that the Living Proof line – this is less about making your hair “fuller” and more about restoring balance to your scalp, strengthening weak hair, and holding style better. I use both lines, depending on my mood.

Products For After The Shower

Klorane Leave-in Concentrate with Essential Olive Extract – The little sister to the Shampoo & Conditioner, this was the first “anti-aging” hair product I fell in love with while doing one of my bazillion product tests at Birchbox. You apply to damp hair and it does a few awesome things – conditions, smooths, and adding some “oomph” back into limp hair. For fine, thin hair, this is a dream product.

Dear Clark is one of my absolute favorite hair brands of all time, I could go on and on about them. They’re a 100% non-toxic salon brand that smells amazing (unisex, a kinda pacholi fragrance) and are made in the US of A (in Dallas, TX, to be exact). Two of my favorite products from Dear Clark are also among the best in the business. The Volumizing Tonic is usually what I use before blow drying my hair, and the Thickening Balm is what I use when I’m going au naturale. Both have heat protectant, and both REALLY work to make you hair feel thicker and fuller. Can’t reccomend enough.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – The OG. I’m not the first one to tell you about this miracle product, and that’s because it WORKS. If you have fine, limp hair – I suggest using this in replacement of, or at least to supplement, your dry shampoo. “Dry” as we call it in the biz, not only gets rid of oil and refreshes your hair with that oh so amazing Oribe scent, but it also adds texture and volume. I use this after flat ironing my hair, right before I go out – gives it just that little extra boost I need.

Root Touchups are a thing, guys. These are literally little dusters you dust your hairline with (or spray, in some cases)  to give the illusion of hair color. They’re usually used for color treated hair between dye jobs, but can also work wonders for bald spots IF you use the right color and IF you apply slowly and gently. I suggest going in store to check these out with a professional’s help. My favorites are Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray and
Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray

Styling Pro Tip

Blowouts + Baby Hairs do not mix – do not try to tame baby hairs with a blowdryer – it’s very hard to do and you’ll likely end up with hair sticking straight up into the high heavens. Instead, work with your hair’s natural texture. Even if your hair is curly or wavy and you’re staightening/blowing it out, don’t get the hot tools too close to those lil puppies. Afterwards, you can smooth ends and flyaways with a lightweight oil or hairspray, depending on your hair’s texture. My favorites are R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil and Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil. I also love Ouai Finishing Cremeicon to smooth baby hairs and ends with a little extra hold.

Aside from the products….

If you aren’t already, start taking a daily prenatal vitamin. You should of course be doing this if you’re pregnant or nursing, but even if you’re not, this will help give dem hairs (and nails) the strength to be reborn. It won’t happen right away though, so be patient. My favorites are the Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins because I love sugar and it’s basically like candy that I “have” to take every day.

You could be sleeping through the night
next week.